An open letter to all members of the WMA, World Medical Association, and healthcare personnel all over the world

Date: 2009/12/4

My name is Riikka Söyring. I am from Finland.
I write to you as I think it is necessary to share this information about the swineflu and vaccinations.

A couple of days ago there was ”news” in the paper that STM (finnish Social- and Health Ministry) is monitoring chats, blogs and netforums to keep a track of discussions concerning Swineflu.

Hospital personnel has told us -anonymously- that THL (finnish Health- and Wellbeing-department) has forbidden to keep a register of the symptoms people get after vaccination and that the dead are neither to be registered.
Private clinics are forbidden by THL to take Swineflutests.
How can it be said that we have a pandemic going on if it is not followed with records?
How does this fits in with democracy, transparency and the spirit of the WMA declaration of Helsinki?
It does not, in my humble opinion.
It is a breach of a Constitution in many countries.
I personally have contacted the finnish health-committee, MEPs, Chancelor of Justice, Ministers but I am not getting any answers. Not even one. I have contacted Transparency Finland, I have contacted media. No answers.
I have seen a document GlaxoSmithKline -I was told anonymously- demands it´s employees to undersign. By signing it they release GSK from the responsibility of the all harmfull effects this Pandemrix might cause them.

We suspect that Pandemrix is a nanovaccine. They are not patented, licensed, tested yet. If this is so, it is extremely dangerous for pregnant women as it causes irreversible changes in the mitochondryo of the phoetus.

There is a person who is demanding in the court that THL submit the papers revealing the real substance of Pandemrix. So far they have refused to do so.

I ´ll enclose a link, it´s a graphic so that even if you do not understand the language you´ll understand the names (some familiar among them…) and euro-marks 
here´s the link
Juhani Eskola and Pekka Puska, chief of finnish THL, both do get money from BigPharma. There are others too in the THL.
Also, Terhi Kilpi from THL, actually admits that this H1N1-vaccine was, and is, untested and therefore I conclude that this vaccination-campaign because of "pandemy" was, and is, a large scale test of the vaccine on humans.
Pekka Puska undersigned, as a head of THL, also his acceptance to a law that would allow minors to be used in medical experiments with their own consent only; no written agreement is needed after/if this law passes, no consent of the parents.
The pharmaseutical companies are to have no responsibility of the side-effects or deaths which may result of these medical experiments if this law passes.
I suggest that everyone now, immediately, checks if a law similar to this is on a round and waiting to be accepted in your country.

We are communicating with Sweden also and they tell us  that the media in Sweden ignores information about the Swineflu and vaccines as if they were told to do so.
Netherland confirms that Pandemrix is  a nanovaccine:
"Our gouverment has declared they will shut down web-site's about the true information about the vaccine and the flu.
Today our minister of health told about theire interactions on blog's and forum's; so they'll know how the opnions are.
We are aware of that, so we have to be carefull.

I can confirm that Pandemrix is a nano-vaccine.
We are still in court with our minister of health, to give the information about the ingredients in the vaccine. Further more, our advisor of our health minister is Ab Osterhaus who has 13 side-jobs in the farmaceutical industry. Read this:
WHO announced the swine flu pandemic under pressure from a panel of advisers, headed by a Dutch doctor, Albert Osterhaus, nicknamed ‘Dr. Flu’ (from the name ‘Tamiflu’) because he was active in promoting mass vaccination of the population through WHO and the Western media.
Ever since I've been investigating the HPV-vaccine's I'm no longer on the gouverment mail-list. They've blocked me.
I have daily information about so many terrible affects of this vaccine. Woman who miscarriage, GBS.
We know now, since the vaccinations took place a week ago at least 7 people died. We only know that by internet -sources. Our media is absolutely quiet about that.
I have proof that our so called Health Commite,  lie's about the people who'll have this flu-shot. People were stuck in lines for TV as if they were all there for a Mex. flu-shot.   In fact , it was a shot of people in line for a sale and had nothing to do with the Mex. flu shot. They've announced special openings in the weekend , because of the overwhelming amount of people standing in line for the Mex. flu shot."

I have a report from Germany. Vaccine was analyzed and found containing particles that do not belong into them.
Same in Belgium.
Vaccines could be used as a bioterrosrism weapon. It is against this
I am thinking about how a 72 kg of Avian flu-medication got mysteriously contaminated.
The afore mentioned portion was made by Baxter Biopharma, a company with a biosafetylevel3., the highest there is.

Dr. Joseph Moshe tried to warn people but got arrested (and probably ended up in a mental hospital).
Also Ukrainian happenings are most alarming and weird.
Here a little something as an example:
"Who has been developing infertility vaccines since 1974? The answer is WHO.
”In 1998 a Patent Application was made for a system which uses a person’s own immune system to render them permanently infertile, sterile, unable to have children. The system is irreversible, once injected.”
(See Squalene: Be Very Afraid Part I)
Immunosterilization. Spay-vac. Zona pellucida glycoproteins. Adjuvanted vaccine.
A vaccine comprising an antigen derived from a zona pellucida glycoprotein. Effective to impair fertility in animals. The vaccine can be used as an immunosterilant or an immunocontraceptive.
”When the zona pellucida of one animal species is injected into the bloodstream of another, it results in sterility of the second species due to immune response. This effect can be temporary or permanent, depending on the method used. In NJ Porcine zona pellucida is used to keep deer populations low.”(Wikipedia)
So, so cleverly disguised. And no liability lawsuits or litigation.
Now that you know, one can have some doubts about gettiing vaccinated?…SPLAY=DESC
”A vaccine comprising porcine zona pellucida and an adjuvant comprising synthetic trehalose dicorynomycolate has been successfully used to cause immunocontraception in horses (P. Willis et al., J. Equine Vet. Sci., 364- 370 (1994)) and elephants (R. F-H., Wildlife Soc. Bull., 25 (1): 18-21 (1997)).
Dunbar et al. (e. g., EP 599822, U. S. Pat. No. 5,637,300) have experimented with reproductive control in non-rodent mammals using a recombinant zona pellucida protein. Due to limitations imposed by recombinant DNA technology and available expression systems, however, the recombinant protein lacks the glycosylation pattern of the native glycoprotein - - Summary of the Invention The present invention provides a vaccine and a method for impairing fertility in an animal. The method for impairing fertility in the animal comprises administering to the animal a vaccine comprising substantially pure, nonrecombinant zona pellucida glycoprotein, or an antigenic fragment thereof. ” Read more.
(FERTILITY IMPAIRING VACCINE AND METHOD OF USE This application claims the benefit of U. S. Provisional Application No. 60/070,375, filed January 2,1998, U. S. Provisional Application No. 60/071,406, filed January 15,1998, and U. S. Provisional Application No; 60/076,368, filed February 27,1998)"

 The squalene ASO3 or MF59, is a very, very dangerous ingredient.
MF59 is what Bush called, the smallest biggest biowar-weapon ever. That should ring a bell !!

MF59 is in the Mex.flu vaccine. It is in the patent-applications.
Furthermore, MF59 is added a million times more in these vaccine's than it was during the Gulfwar-vaccinations.
Novartis first asked permission for developing a Mex. flu vaccin in august 2008 !!! That's right, august 2008. Long before he outbreak of the now called Mex. flu. We never heard a word of it until june 2009. Before then, the flu was called the pig-flu; the name was changed into Mex.flu as a request from the WHO at the end of june 2009.
Now we have also this treaty that 194 countries have signed: when WHO declares a pandemic, forced vaccinations are to be taken into use. Finland is one of the countries that have signed this treaty.
In the USA at least three states are driving hard to get a law allowing forced vaccinations at gun point. This means that if this law passes, it overdrives the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. People of America, do NOT allow this to happen!
See FEMA-camps with google.
And thinking who sit in the SAGE-group and who is financing them (IMF and BigPharma; actually they´re financing the whole WHO; see GAP-plan and IAVI-project from WHO´s homepages), declaring a pandemic is easy. Too easy.
You can contact me via  by leaving a comment and I´ll be in touch.
I choose this way as the new Eurlex and finnish Lex Nokia allows monitoring the e-mails also if there is a suspicion of the spying.
I beg of you, I appeal to the WMA Helsinki declaration, that you do and take a careful look at all I have said.
Riikka Söyring
Missing or dead microbiologists:
Baxter spreading viruses:
CIA suspected of spreading viruses: an aeroplane shot down in China;
Reports circulating in the Kremlin today are stating that a US government
airplane piloted by American CIA agents and carrying a cargo of a
‘mutated’ swine
flu virus intended for aerial spraying was shot down [photo top left] at
Shanghai Pudong airport by a saboteur team of what are believed to be
Israeli Mossad
soldiers seeking to prevent an American attack upon one of their Central
Asian bases
located in the Central Asian Nation of Kyrgyzstan.
According to Chinese media reports on this incident the stricken
Zimbabwean MD-ll plane, owned by the CIA linked Avient Aviation company
operated by
a former British military officer named Andrew Smith and registered in the
killed 3 American CIA agents and injured 4 other personal who are reported
to be
from United States, Indonesia, Belgium and Zimbabwe.
Most interesting to note in these reports on the victims of this plane
shootdown is
that the Indonesian man currently being treated for his injuries has
‘confessed’ to
Chinese secret police forces that he is a technician employed by the
United States
Navy at their mysterious Naval Medical Research Unit No. 2 (NAMRU-2)
located in
Indonesia that Indonesian Defense Minister Juwono Sudarsono had previously
for the closing of “because its operations were too secretive and were
with Indonesia’s security interests.”


erit viim. kappaleet. miten tutkisi...ei julk
Seitz 2009 Vaccination-associated anaphylaxis in adults: diagnostic testing ruling out IgE-mediated vaccine allergy.
Complement activation-related pseudoallergy: a new class of drug-induced acute immune toxicity.
Pharmacological effects of formulation vehicles : implications for cancer chemotherapy.
Freezing temperatures in the vaccine cold chain: a systematic literature review.

Cell death induced by vaccine adjuvants containing surfactants.

Formation of complement-activating particles in aqueous solutions of Taxol: possible role in hypersensitivity reactions.
Direct evidence that polysorbate-80-coated poly(butylcyanoacrylate) nanoparticles deliver drugs to the CNS via specific mechanisms requiring prior binding of drug to the nanoparticles.

Nanomedicine: current status and future prospects
Hermeling Micelle-Associated Protein in Epoetin Formulations: A Risk Factor for Immunogenicity?

The Adjuvant MF59: A 10-Year Perspective

I'm Angry (or, The Shortest Version on What's Wrong with some Swine Flu Vaccines)
Oil-Based Adjuvants and Mechanisms for Increased Risk of Anaphylaxis




Solutions To Help Those Forced
To Take The H1N1 Vaccine

"none of the H1N1 vaccines being distributed in the United States contain squalene or other oil in water adjuvants"

Piditkö tästä kirjoituksesta? Näytä se!


Kukaan ei vielä ole suositellut tätä kirjoitusta.

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Käyttäjän riikkasoyring kuva
Riikka Söyring

THL:n rokotusten ja immunologian osaston johtaja Terhi Kilpi totesikin: “Kokemukset raskaana olevien rokottamisesta tällä rokotteella puuttuvat.”[3] Tosiasia edelleenkin on, että sikainfluenssarokotteita ei ole millään tavalla testattu. Nyt tapahtuvat rokotukset ovat itse testi.

Terveyden ja hyvinvoinnin laitos oikaisi aikaisempaa päätöstään
Hallinto-oikeuteen tehdyn valituksen jälkeen 25.9.2009 THL ilmoitti, että se on oikaissut päätöstään luovuttamalla minulle jäljennöksen sopimuksen julkisesta osasta. Julkaistu julkinen osa on nimeltään Green List eli vihreä lista, joka sisältää yhdeksän kohtaa, joista THL voi julkisuuteen kertoa. Katso oikaisupäätös ja luovutettu Green List -sivu.

Oikeudenkäyntiin liittyvät asiakirjat
Terveyden ja hyvinvoinnin lausunto
Lausunto, sivu 1, JPEG
Lausunto, sivu 2, JPEG

GlaxoSmithKline lausuu asianajotoimisto Hammarström Puhakka Partners Oy:n välityksellä seuraavasti
Lausunto, sivu 1, JPEG
Lausunto, sivu 2, JPEG
Lausunto, sivu 3, JPEG
Lausunto, sivu 4, JPEG
Lausunto, sivu 5, JPEG

1.STM ja THL tiedottavat: Suomi ostaa myös prepandeemista influenssa A(H1N1) -rokotetta koko väestölle,, 12.5.2009 ↩
2.Rokotevalmistaja myöntää: H1N1-rokotetta ei testata kunnolla,, 23.7.2009 ↩
3.Lääkärit: Rokote on turvallinen,, 23.10.2009 ↩
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•WHO selittää pandemiarokotteiden turvallisuudesta
•Vuosittainen influenssarokote Fluzone sisältää myös sikainfluenssavirusta
•Ranskassa joukkokanne sikainfluenssarokotteesta: myrkytystä!
•Englannissa valtiolle suosituksia antava tutkija rokotejätin johtokunnassa
•Tamiflun kehittäjä: H1N1-virus karkasi laboratoriosta
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Riikka Söyring

Antti, #1,
ja fugit, niinkö?

I remain nameless (nimimerkki)

Do you have any idea why H1N1 is called swine flu? If not, please read this.

ASO3 is the GlaxoSmithKline adjuvant used in some of the flu vaccines, including Pandemrix, to boost the vaccine´s effect. ASO3 contains squalene, an ingredient appearing also in the patent for immunocontraception / immunosterilant, which is manufactured of the PZP.

PZP means PORCINE ZONA PELLUCIDA. It is a protein extracted from the ovaries of pig.

First, what is zona pellucida? It is a thick membrane surrounding the unfertilized eggs of mammals. In order for an egg to be fertilized, sperm must first bind to, and then penetrate the zona pellucida.

When porcine (pig) zona pellucida is injected into other mammals, antibodies are produced, which attach to the zona pellucida preventing the sperm from attaching to the egg, therefore preventing fertilization. It results in sterility of the second species due to immune response. This effect can be temporary or permanent, depending on the method used. When the PZP is administered in low doses, it produces a temporary immunocontraceptive effect, which is reversible.

However, at higher doses it is an immunosterilant.

The dose given to the public will no doubt be plenty to sterilize a human adult and abort an embryo and a fetus. That means millions and millions of miscarriages. Which is undoubtedly the meaning of a spaying vaccine for pregnant women, in addition to the fundamental aim, the sterilizing effect, of course.

The developer of the sterilizing vaccine for big animals like deers, elephants and horses (Spay-Vac for Wildlife Inc.) contends PZP is quite effective.

It is seriously suspected, that the PZP is hidden in the vaccine´s part of the 'proprietary' list of ingredients which the medical industry does not have to disclose in public. Did you know the Big Pharma is under no obligation to tell us about all the ingredients used in the vaccines? I suppose not. We are not allowed to know even that.

As Pandemrix is a so called nanovaccine, it means it´s adjuvant ASO3 will boost the effect multiply. It also boosts to cause many serious, even fatal effects due to appear later in the future. The scientists of the medical industry are very well aware of these serious consequences and they would never let their children to be vaccinated by Pandemrix!

So any idea why H1N1 is called swine flu? You should already know.

The porcine zona pellucida is extracted from pig.
Porcine means `of pig´.
Pig = swine > swine flu.

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Riikka Söyring


GlaxoSmithKline was pressing Dr. John Buse to keep quiet about the cardiovascular risks Avandin (medication for diabetes) is causing to diabetics.

Suomen rokotetoimittaja painosti professoria olemaan hiljaa riskeistä
Suomeen sikainfluenssarokotetta toimittava monikansallinen lääkeyhtiö GlaxoSmithKline on painostanut yhdysvaltalaista lääketieteen professoria olemaan hiljaa yhtiön markkinoiman diabeteslääkkeen mahdollisista riskeistä.

Marraskuussa 2007 Yhdysvaltain kongressin perustama tutkintalautakunta julkaisi raportin, josta ilmeni että GlaxoSmithKline oli painostanut Pohjois-Carolinan yliopiston professori John Busea olemaan vaiti yhtiön valmistaman diabeteslääke Avandian yhteyksistä sydänkohtauksiin ja -kuolemiin.

Tutkintalautakunnan selvityksen mukaan GlaxoSmithKline toimi törkeästi yrittäessään saada professorin vaikenemaan lääkkeen riskeistä. Lautakunnan arvion mukaan Avandia aiheutti noin 83 000 sydänkohtausta, joista ainakin osa olisi voitu välttää, mikäli lääkkeen riskit olisivat olleet yleisesti tiedossa. New England Journal of Medicine kertoi myöhemmin vuonna 2007 kymmenten eri tutkimusten osoittavan, että Avandia lisää sydänkuolleisuuden riskiä 64 prosenttia ja sydänkohtausten riskiä 43 prosenttia.
Kuka John Buse?
John Buse on diabetekseen erikoistunut Pohjois-Carolinan yliopistossa työskentelevä lääketieteen professori, joka puhui diabeteksen lääkehoidosta vuonna 1999 järjestetyssä tiedetapaamisessa. Tapaamisen yhteydessä pitämässään puheessaan hän mainitsi diabeteslääke Avandialla olevan mahdollisesti niin sanottuja kardiovaskulaarisia riskejä.
GlaxoSmithKline painosti professoria vaikenemaan
Yhdysvaltain kongressin tutkintalautakunta kertoo raportissaan, kuinka GlaxoSmithKline teki puheen jälkeen Busesta valituksen tämä esimiehelle ja uhkasi haastaa hänet oikeuteen.

Tutkintalautakunnan raportista ilmenee, että GlaxoSmithKline painosti Busea allekirjoittamaan dokumentin, jonka mukaan hän ei ole enää huolissaan Avandian aiheuttamista kardiovaskulaarisista riskeistä. Lautakunnan raportin perusteella yksi painostajista oli GlaxoSmithKlinen pääjohtaja Jean-Pierre Garnier.

Kun Buse oli saatu painostettua allekirjoittamaan dokumentti, GlaxoSmithKlinen tarkoitus oli käyttää dokumenttia sijoittajien luottamuksen palauttamiseksi.
Professori kertoi painostuksesta kollegalleen
Vaikka Buse allekirjoitti dokumentin, jossa hän julkisesti vakuutti Avandian olevan täysin turvallinen, hän oli itse edelleen huolissaan sen mahdollisista riskeistä. Vuotta myöhemmin Buse selitti yksityisessä sähköpostiviestissä eräälle kollegalleen GlaxoSmithKlinen kanssa sattunutta tapausta seuraavasti:

”Yhtiön johto otti yhteyttä esimieheeni ja viikon aikana sattuneiden lyhyiden ja rumien sananvaihtojen seurauksena minun piti allekirjoittaa joitakin oikeudellisia dokumentteja, joissa sitoudun olemaan puhumatta enempää tästä asiasta julkisuudessa.”
United States Congressional committee: ”Committee staff report to the chairman and ranking member. Committee on Finance United States Senate. The intimidation of Dr John Buse and the diabetes drug Avandia.” . URL:

AP/Reuters/YLE Uutiset/YLE Terveys: ”Avandia-diabeteslääkkeellä todettu haittavaikutuksia”. URL:

niemand (nimimerkki)

rahantuloa ei voi estää, varsinkii kun on sage-group taskussa :(

money comes rolling in when you have sage-group in your pocket :(

niemand (nimimerkki)

GSK ja 4400 lääkäriä syytteeseen...

GSK ja 4400 doctors accused...

lisään tähän linkit katsottuani: lahjonta ja suosiminen; GSK ja 4400 lääkäriä syytteeseen Italiassa

GSK gave presents to italian doctors who prescribed only GSK products to patients. Now they´re sued, both parties.

niemand (nimimerkki)

Glaxo disputes chargesWatchdog group says company manipulated study of asthmadrug Serevent to lower appearance of fatal riskBY RONI RABINSTAFF WRITEROctober 7, 2005A consumer watchdog group has accused the makers of a popular asthmadrug of manipulating safety data submitted to the FDA two years ago tocreate the impression the drug Serevent is safer than it is.GlaxoSmithKline officials vehemently denied the charge, made by PublicCitizen's Health Research Group in a letter in this week's issue of theBritish medical journal The Lancet."Throughout this process, GlaxoSmithKline communicated ... with asense of urgency, to ensure that healthcare professionals and patients hadaccess to the results of the study as they became available," aGlaxoSmithKline statement said.Serevent or salmeterol, known as Advair when combined with the steroidfluticasone, carries a black box label warning of a small but significantincrease in asthma-related deaths among patients who use it. But officialswith the Health Research Group, which has Serevent on its list of "DoNot Use" drugs, say the warning labels don't go far enough.The controversy surrounds a large 28-week trial involving tens ofthousands of patients, called the Salmeterol Multicenter Asthma ResearchTrial, or SMART. The trial was initiated in 1996 because of concernsabout possible health risks associated with Serevent, a long-acting betaagonist used to help open airways by relaxing muscles during an asthmaattack.The trial was designed as a 28-week randomized controlled trial, butHealth Research Group officials charged that when GlaxoSmithKlinesubmitted its final study results to the FDA on April 29, 2003, the company mixed in data aboutpatient deaths that occurred six months after the trial ended."They were just adding noise," said Dr. Peter Lurie of the Health Research Group, co-author of the
Page 2
O'Steen & Harrison, PLCletter in Lancet. "And in each case, the addition of the post-study data noise reduced the apparentrisk of the drug."During the 28-week trial, for example, patients taking Serevent suffered 13 asthma-related deaths,more than four times as many as the subjects taking the placebo, who had three asthma-relateddeaths.But six months after the trial ended, patients in the Serevent group had suffered 15 deaths, 2.5times as many as the placebo group, which by then had six asthma-related deaths.Kathy A. Rickard, a GlaxoSmithKline vice-president who responded to the letter in Lancet, wrote,"The only dataset analyzed for the interim analysis included events from the 28 week plus 6 monthperiod. ... Subsequently, the FDA requested that GSK further refine the analysis to included datafrom the 28-week treatment period." That data was submitted to the FDA in May 2004, Rickardwrote.But the company had no intention of misleading the FDA, spokeswoman Patty Johnson saidyesterday. "That's how it was submitted. It wasn't hidden in any way."FDA officials did not respond to telephone calls requesting comment yesterday. However, FDAdocuments available on the government Web site reflect the drug reviewers' concerns about thedata that was initially submitted. "The [FDA] Division disagrees with the inclusion of thepost-study adverse event data in the analysis," a review summary states.The controversy came to light when documents about the drug were made public prior to an FDAPulmonary-Allergy Drugs Advisory Committee meeting July 13. Results of the SMART studyhave not been published in a journal."Our position is that this is not a drug patients should be using," said Lurie of the Health ResearchGroup. "There are short-acting beta agonists that are effective that have not been associated withincreased mortality. ... This is consistent with previous findings about other long-acting betaagonists."Copyright 2005 Newsday Inc.

niemand (nimimerkki)
niemand (nimimerkki)

Glaxo misled doctors about the safety of Paxil

Täähän on aivan karmee porukka hei! Are these Glaxos monsters or men?!

niemand (nimimerkki)

GSK tampering with Seroxat test data

ja tätä lajia löytyy kun ottaa GlaxoSmithKline+charges

more&more with google GlaxoSmithKline+charges enter
like pages and pages of the same SICK!!

niemand (nimimerkki)

Novartis accused of leaving unfavourable testresults out of the study

a Finn (nimimerkki)

It's not the first time professor Pekka Puska has been involved in matters where informed consent is not considered important.

Finnish parliamentary ombudsman faults infant formula study
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Thursday, November 2, 2006

Helsinki, Finland – The Finnish Parliamentary Ombudsman has found that an infant formula study has been conducted on thousands of newborns in several hospitals without obtaining informed consent from the parents, who were not informed of the commercial funding for the study. Additionally, the study was found to have been started and carried out for six months without ethical committee approval, and suffered from other shortcomings.

* 1 Findings
* 2 Complaint
* 3 Reaction to the Ombudsman's decision
* 4 Background
* 5 Sources
* 6 External links


Numerous shortcomings were found in a study which according to documents signed by WHO Director-General candidate Pekka Puska, head of the Finnish National Public Health Institute (NPHI) "complies with the law regarding medical research and good research practice. ... informed consent fulfills the requirements of the law. ... distribution of infant formula does not deviate from legal norms."

The Finnish Parliamentary Ombudsman Riitta-Leena Paunio disagreed with professor Puska. On October 25, the 60th anniversary of the filing of the indictment in Doctors' Trial (of the Nuremberg Trials) which led to the framing of modern medical research ethics, she resolved a complaint filed by The Breastfeeding Support Association in Finland. According to the resolution, it was not possible for the parents to give informed consent as required by law due to many reasons.

The Ombudsman lists lack of disclosure of the study's funding, lack of clear statement pointing the benefits of breastfeeding, lack of disclosure of the fact that the Principal Investigator working within NPHI is an inventor and benefactor in a patent on the research formula owned by the Finnish formula manufacturer Valio, as reasons for lack of capacity to give informed consent. The Ombudsman also points out that during discovery of the facts concerning the study, NPHI gave information which was simply not true. Documents given during discovery by NPHI were signed by Pekka Puska, the Finnish candidate for the post of WHO Director-General. NPHI also claimed in statements signed by professor Puska to have accepted public funding addressed only directly to it, while in actual fact NPHI accepted public funding addressed to Valio which Valio directed to NPHI.

Further omissions pointed out by the Ombudsman include lack of the naming of the one single person responsible for the safety of the study as required by Finnish law and omissions in giving information and asking for consent and ethical approval when changes to the study were made, and the omission of not asking for consent from both parents.

According to the Parliamentary Ombudsman's resolution, both National Public Health Institute and the ethical committee failed in fulfilling their duties. The Ombudsman reminds that according to the Finnish Constitution, everyone has the right to life, personal liberty, integrity and security. No one shall be treated in a manner violating human dignity. Medical research has a connection to this basic right. The Ombudsman also cites the Declaration of Helsinki and international conventions on human rights in her decision. During the discovery phase of the complaint, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health stated that the Declaration of Helsinki, named after the Finnish capital, is not legally binding.

The aim of the study was to find out whether removal of bovine insulin from infant formula would reduce type 1 diabetes (IDDM) and find out mechanisms leading to IDDM, whose prevalence in Finland is more than in any other country in the world.

The complaint, filed in April, 2004 by The Breastfeeding Support Association in Finland (founded 1997), asked the Ombudsman to find out the legality of an infant formula product development study with national health implications, funded by the Finnish infant formula manufacturer Valio and carried out by the National Public Health Institute of Finland.

The two major points in the complaint were to find out

1) whether the study fulfills informed consent requirements, when parents are not told enough about the benefits of breastfeeding nor the product development nature and commercial funding of the study

2) whether it is legal to distibute infant formula provided by an infant formula manufacture free of charge from the hospital with means which resemble the milk nurse practice of some infant formula companies.

The Breastfeeding Support Association based the first part of the complaint on the law concerning medical research. The second part was based on the part of International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes established in 1981 by the general assembly of the World Health Organization (WHO) implemented in Finnish law and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, (right to best possible health, advancement of breastfeeding).

The Breastfeeding Support Association pressed that they think the study's aims (both the product development goals and the scientific goal of finding out whether dietary bovine insulin triggers the autoimmune reaction causing IDDM) are valid and important, but that research should be done according to laws, international conventions and ethical principles.
Reaction to the Ombudsman's decision

While the part of the complaint concerning informed consent was successful, the Breastfeeding Support Association expressed disappointment that the part regarding formula distribution was not successful. The Parliamentary Ombudsman's resolution stated that the Finnish legislation placing restrictions on gratis infant formula distribution is not meant to apply to medical research, and the same holds for food safety legislation. The Breastfeeding Support Association is looking into whether international conventions require changes to legislation. The Breastfeeding Support Association has stated that many of the problems in the study could perhaps have been avoided if infant formula research would have at least the same checks and balances as drug research has. This would be prudent, since infant formula is the only nutrition for most infants in an important phase of their lives and thus it's effects can be much greater than the effect of many drugs used only occasionally.

The Breastfeeding Support Association has been concerned with outside, partly commercial funding directing the research of NPHI. According to "Good Research Practic, Handbook" (2005), outside funding amounts to 40 percent of NPHI's spending, and the policy is to get as much outside funding to carry out NPHI's plan of action as possible. Research on breastmilk was planned in the study the complaint was filed on, but was not carried out because of lack of funding.

The director of National Public Health Institute of Finland is a candidate for the Director-General post of the World Health Organization (election to be held 6th-9th November, 2006), and considered to be among the three leading candidates by The Lancet.

The Breastfeeding Support Association in Finland is a volunteer association, founded in 1997, whose work is based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (article 24) and WHO breastfeeding promotion programs.

The Association is funded by membership fees, advertisements in the Imetysuutiset newsletter and fees on training of volunteers. RAY (Finland's Slot Machine Association which funds health and social welfare projects) has awarded the association a grant for 2005/06 for the purpose of establishing a nationwide project, which includes the maintenance and advertising of the Breastfeeding Support Hotline.

The City of Helsinki has awarded the Association a small grant annually to support mothers in the Helsinki area. In the other municipalities in Finland some local groups have had opportunities to apply for grants from local social authorities.

The Finnish Parliamentary Ombudsman exercises oversight to ensure that public authorities and officials observe the law and fulfil their du­ties in the discharge of their functions. In addition to authorities and officials, the scope of oversight includes also other parties performing public functions.

The Ombudsman's office aims to ensure good administration and the observance of constitutional and human rights.

The National Public Health Institute of Finland, according to it's website, promotes people's possibilities to live healthy life and is responsible as an expert body under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, for providing various professionals and citizens the best available information for their choices.
This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.

* "The resolution Dnro 1016/4/04 by the Finnish Parliamentary Ombudsman", Finnish Parliamentary Ombudsman, October 25, 2006 ((Finnish))
* "Summary of the complaint in English". The Breastfeeding Support Association in Finland (Imetyksen tuki ry), October 15, 2006
* "The complaint and correspondence by the Breastfeeding Association in Finland (in Finnish)". The Breastfeeding Support Association in Finland (Imetyksen tuki ry), October 15, 2006

External links

* Finnish Constitution unofficial translation in English
* Finnish Parliamentary Ombudsman
* Finnish National Public Health Institute
* Imetyksen tuki ry (Finnish breastfeeding portal)
* Breastfeeding Support Association in Finland
* A press release by the Association on the Ombudsman's resolution (in English)
* Helsingin Sanomat (the major daily, November 3 net edition): Ombudsman faults study with thousands of babies (in Finnish)
* Helsingin Sanomat (September 2, 2005) - Celebrated researcher duped Academy of Finland for grants and violated ethics - an informed consent violation at NPHI reported in 2005
* Selected parts of the Ombudsman's resolution (in Finnish)
* Link to press release by the NPHI (in Finnish), in which NPHI states that the results of the researh will be published in scientific journals

niemand (nimimerkki)

56 100 hits with google: Sanofi-Avensis+accused of enter

now I think that´s quite a lot
How about you fellows?

niemand (nimimerkki)

Drug giant Merck accused of falsifying drug studies

and 221 000 more hits with google

Bizarre (nimimerkki)

Get the flu vaccine now - it eliminates bad breath, prevents wrinkles and is soooo healthy especially for pregnant women!

In fact flu shots prevent almost anything, including varicose veins, shyness and gray hair.

(NaturalNews, Friday, October 30, 2009 by Mike Adams): The propaganda push for flu vaccines has reached a level of absurdity that's just begging to be made fun of.

Today, a flu vaccine story appearing in Reuters claimed that injecting pregnant women with flu shots would increase the birth weight of their babies by half a pound. That same story claimed flu shots are so healthy for pregnant women that they also prevent premature births.

It even quotes a team of experts who claim that injecting an expectant mother with a flu shot would reduce the hospitalization of her infants, explaining: "Flu vaccine given to women during pregnancy is 85 percent effective in preventing hospitalization in their infants under 6 months of age."

This conclusion was derived from a study of pregnant women in Bangladesh, by the way, and it didn't even use randomized, placebo-controlled study protocols, meaning the conclusions of the study are highly unreliable (more vaccine quackery).

Speaking of bizarre claims, another Reuters report appearing this week claims that statin drugs prevent flu deaths!

This story reports, "Patients taking statin drugs were almost 50 percent less likely to die from flu, researchers reported on Thursday in a study providing more evidence the cholesterol-lowering drugs help the body cope with infection."

How was this "science" conducted? There wasn't even a clinical trial at all. Researchers simply checked the medical records of people who died from seasonal flu infections and found that 3.2% of the patients who weren't taking statin drugs died from flu complications while only 2.1% of the patients who were taking statin drugs died. Since 2.1% is roughly 50% less than 3.2%, they leaped to the conclusion that "statin drugs prevent flu deaths by 50 percent!"

OMG. This is science of today? Read more:

Here are some truths:

-Big Pharma's published studies lack transparency

-The mainstream media is dependent on the Big Pharma´s ads

-Medical journals rely on Big Pharma's ads to pay the bills

Käyttäjän riikkasoyring kuva
Riikka Söyring

Virpi Ali-Hokka, TeHy, ja Mervi Vasara, Suomen Vanhempainliitto, ovat pyytäneet, etten enempää riivaa heitä virallisen tiedon vastakkaisella informaatiolla rokotteista.
Toivon, että tämän tiedon julkistaminen suojelee heitä mahd. seurauksilta.

Risto Ihalainen, Suomen Lääkäriliitto, kehottaa luottamaan virallisiin tietolähteisiin kohteliaassa vastauskirjeessään.

Kiitän neuvosta. Ja valitan syvästi etten sitä voi noudattaa.

Ällistynyt ääliö (nimimerkki)

16 Eikös ihan virallisesti olekaan kaikkien tiedossa, että "virallinen tieto" ei ole ollut eikä koskaan tule olemaankaan välttämättä oikeaa tietoa?

Eikös talidomin harmittomuuskin ollut sitä ihan virallista tietoa?

Entä miten voi sellainen tieto, jota ei ole olemassakaan, olla virallista saati oikeaa? Tieto jota ei ole. Tieto jota ei ole. Tieto jota ei ole - hokekaa tuota seitsemän miljardia kertaa.

Käyttäjän riikkasoyring kuva
Riikka Söyring

Ällistynyt ääliö,
#19, ei se ole kaikkien tiedossa kun se ei ole tullut virallisesta lähteestä se tieto että kaikki virallinen tieto ei välttämättä ole luotettavaa :D

Apropos, Tullilaitoksen mukaan lääketurvallisuudesta vastaa FIMEA. Lääkäri Mirjaleena Isoaho taas sanoo, käytyään puhelunkeskustelun FIMEAan, ettei siellä tiedetty nanorokotteiden olemassaolosta tai sen mahdollisuudesta.

Hyvissä käsissä siis ollaan...

Apropos, Customs Office tells me that the security of the vaccines and medication is in the hands of FIMEA.
Mirjaleena Isoaho, a doctor, general practitioner in Public Health, tells that she telephoned to FIMEA and that they had absolutely no idea that there is a nanovaccine or that there could be one.
We are in good hands, my friends...

Also Risto Ihalainen, from Finnish Medical Association, tells me in his very polite answer to my letter that one should trust to official information and tested medicinal products.

Now I am facing a dilemma: how can I trust to official information and tested medicinal products when
a) the companies tamper with the test results (see those many links above)

b) FIMEA haven´t heard about nanovaccines; they haven´t tested the vaccines, they haven´ t read any studies I have

c) THL (finnish Health- and Wellbeing Department) isn´t telling the real ingredients of the Pandemrix-vaccine. They just keep harping that it is a business secret. How can a Health- and Wellbeing Department, responsible for the wellbeing of finnish citizens, have any business secrets?
How can I trust to official information when there is none?
Excepting the THL-statements "the vaccine has not been tested on pregnant women yet", "we are still waiting for the test results" etc

d) how can this be happening in a sovereign State of Finland that calls itself democracy?
We are a democracy. It official information :D from the government :D :D

Käyttäjän riikkasoyring kuva
Riikka Söyring

Here´s an article of Novartis´s H1N1-vaccine in which it is said that Celtura-vaccine contains MF59.

It is against the EurLex as what comes to amounts of Mercury.

Käyttäjän riikkasoyring kuva
Riikka Söyring

The newspaper Savon Sanomat tells that in Finland there have been taken 4963 Swineflutests.

What it does NOT tell is how many cases have been actually found.

Savon Sanomat kertoo, että Suomessa on otettu 4963 sikainfluenssatestiä.
Sitä ei kuitenkaan kerrota, montako tapausta testeissä löydettiin.

This is leading. It is not exactly false information but it does imply that we have had a pandemy allthough it does not say so.

Tällainen uutisointi on johdattelua. Tieto ei täsmällisesti ottaen ole väärää, mutta se vihjaa että meillä oli kuin olikin pandemia, kuitenkaan sanomatta sitä.

Onko Journalistiliiton eettistä säännöstöä muutettu?

Have the ethical instructions of the Journalist Association been changed?

virpi (nimimerkki)

Rokoteostot ovat nyt siirtymässä pois THL:lta. Tämä ei tosin koske H1N1-rokotteita...

En tiedä toimiiko linkki tämän päivän Mediuutisiin.

Tuohon toimittajien työnhakuilmoitukseen pitäisi lisätä vielä kriteeriksi pohjaton henkilökohtainen kassa. Voi tulla tutkivalle journalistille kalliiksi, jos penkoessaan osuukin väärään arkaan paikkaan.

Harvalla on varaa saada lääketeollisuuden ja valtion huippujuristeja niskaansa, vaikka hyvää tahtoa tai jopa kustantajan suomaa sananvapautta ja selustatukea olisikin tarjolla.

Viime vuosinahan suomalaisiakin journalisteja on tuomittu raastuvissa huikeisiin korvaussummiin. Ameriikan malliin tässäkin.

virpi, uneton (nimimerkki)

Ja näin Irlannissa... rokote tai linnaan.

Tälle foorumille ehkä jo vanhaa tietoa, pahoitteluni jos näin on.
Järkytti vaan. Taas.

Jospa meilläkin? Ei kun ai niin, meillä kaikki hommat sujuu avohoidossa :)

Käyttäjän riikkasoyring kuva
Riikka Söyring

Poland refused the vaccines all together.
The Polisch Minister of Health, Dr. Eva Kopacz has declared, that the farmaceutical company's demanded secrety about several ingredients of the vaccine.
As Eva Kopacz has been a MD for over 20 years, she could'nt accept this.

After the Gulfwar, MF59 was banned worldwide, thanks to Dr. R.F. Garry.( See link below) This year, the FDA and the EMEA approved MF59 for the Mex. flu-vaccin, because, as they stated, " this is an emergency."

On june 15-2009, a letter was send to 600 neurologists about the possible harmfull adverse reactions to the Mex. flu vaccine:

Here's more very important information:

a H1N1 Immunisation Programme - a resource pack to support the training of immunisers, nhs.!thdchild=.89b5dc5b/0

Data sheet for trometamol injection up above

Käyttäjän riikkasoyring kuva
Riikka Söyring
Käyttäjän riikkasoyring kuva
Riikka Söyring

Washington unplugged:

California 13.704 specimens were taken
296 (2%) H1N1 flu
12 other flu
86 % negative for flu

nemo (nimimerkki)


Dr. Sarah Stone, Pharm-D
Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist
Russ Clarke, Editor

The trust is broken

Through a manufactured pandemic and damaging vaccine the world health organization along with major manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry have demonstrated clear intent to damage all of mankind.

For what purpose is difficult to determine, but it would be safe to assume that there will be those who have been told and know better than to take one of these tainted vaccines, and as a result they will be of superior intelligence and health when put in perspective with those who receive them.

The H1N1 vaccination program, when put into the same frame as the obviously engineered virus to go with it, appears to be a clear effort to divide humanity into two groups, those who have lost their intellect, health and sexuality via a tainted vaccination, and those who have not and are therefore superior.

It can now be reasoned that it is no longer safe to take ANY vaccination for any reason; please, do not let them get your children!

After examining the components of the H1N1 flu vaccine we can only conclude that it is not intended to treat the flu at all, quite differently, it is intended to:

1. Reduce intelligence
2. Reduce life span
3. Reduce fertility
4. Cause numerous deaths "

nemo (nimimerkki)

Tässä seuraavassa jutussa polysorbaatti 80:sta ikäviä merkintöjä.

AC - Assosiated Content, Health&Wellness, August 13, 2008 by Daniel Dunkin:

”Manufactured by Merck, the proud maker of Vioxx, the Gardasil vaccine is perhaps one of the most controversial vaccines to date. The push to mandate this, which supersedes the individuals rights to choose how to care for their own health. Should the vaccine prove 10 to 15 years from now to be a sterilizing agent, we would lose and entire generation of child bearing girls, and do not think it cannot happen.

Gardasil vaccine ingredients include amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate, sodium chloride, L-histidine, polysorbate 80, sodium borate, (roach killer), and water for injection.

Gardasil vaccine ingredients - Polysorbate 80: Although Polysorbate 80 is a food additive that enables solubility of flavoring oils with water, injection is quite different. Polysorbate 80 injected into prepubescent rats caused a rapid growth of reproductive organs, but growth was abnormal and the rats were sterile, unable to have children.

When used intravenously with vitamins it has been known to cause anaphylactic shock. According to the Polysorbate 80 MSDS, it may be a carcinogenic, (cause cancer), as well as a mutagenic, (birth defects).

Sodium Borate, AKA Roach Killer: From the National Library of Medicine, ”Sodium borate is no longer used in medical preparations”, until now. The U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health declares Sodium Borate to be a dangerous poison.

Two of the medical uses of the past were for disinfecting wounds, until people started dying from repeated cleaning), and cleaning nursery’s, (until too many babies started dying). Side effects of Roach killer, I mean Sodium borate are vomiting, diarrhea, skin rash, blisters, collapse, coma, convulsions, drowsiness, fever, lack of desire to do anything, low blood pressure, decreased urine output, sloughing of the skin, twitching of facial muscles, arms, hands, legs and feet.”

virpi (nimimerkki)

Mielenkiintoinen rokotuskonferenssi Euroopan tartuntatautivirastolla Tukholmassa perjantaina.

Saisikohan täällä media kysyttyä asiantuntijoilta muitakin kuin tähän saakka kysyttyjä kysymyksiä, ja niihin myös suoria ja selkeitä vastauksia?

"Eurovaccine 2009 is the first European conference on vaccination and immunisation organised and fully funded by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). The one-day conference will take place in Stockholm on Friday, December 11.

The aim of the conference is to provide a platform for information and practice exchange between professionals working in the fields of regulation, policy, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of immunisation activities in European countries.

Eurovaccine will be established as a regular industry-independent European conference on developments in the field of vaccines and immunisation from a public health point of view."

niemand (nimimerkki)

linkkejä Antti Heikkilän blogista
Antti Heikkilä btw kerää siellä kertomuksia haittavaikutteista. Ilmoittautukaa sinne, jos on kerrottavaa!

Valtaosa briteistä vastustaa rokotusta. Myös arviot 65 000 kuolleesta ovat kutistuneet 1000:een. Miksi sitten Suomessa jatketaan rokotuksia! Siksikö, etteivät jotkut henkilöt kykene myöntämään tehneensä virhearviointeja.

No 10 Yhdysvaltalainen sivusto keskenmenoista ja H1N1 –rokotteesta:

No 11 Aiheesta lisää:

No 12 Brittien mukaan Tamiflu on tehoton:

No 13 Lastenlääkäri kieltää rokottamisen potilailtaan:

No 14 Antioksidantit tehoavat H1N1 –virukseen:

No 15 Ranskassa vanhemmat vastustavat rokotusta ja vain 10 % oppilaista ottaisi rokotteen:

niemand (nimimerkki) lots of stories of miscarriages after H1N1 vaccine and other interesting stuff

Käyttäjän riikkasoyring kuva
Riikka Söyring

Tutkimus: Tamiflun teho kyseenalainen

9.12.2009 12:30 | Päivitetty: 9.12.2009 12:53


Jussi Pullinen
Helsingin Sanomat

Heidi Piiroinen / HS

Nestemäistä Tamifluta.

Sikainfluenssan hoidossa yleisesti käytetty influenssalääke Tamiflu ei välttämättä vähennä terveiden aikuisten riskiä saada taudista vakava muoto, kertoo tuore tutkimus.
Lääke saattaa lyhentää taudin oireiden kestoa, mutta tutkijoiden mukaan selviä todisteita ei ole siitä, että lääke vähentäisi esimerkiksi keuhkokuumeen tai muiden vakavien jälkitautien riskiä.
Jälkitautien ehkäisy on ollut yksi keskeinen syy lääkkeen laajaan käyttöön influenssapandemian hoidossa.
Arvostettu Cochrane-katsaus julkaistiin British Medical Journal -lehdessä (BMJ).
Maailman terveysjärjestön WHO:n viruslääkeasiantuntija Charles Penn sanoi uutistoimisto AP:lle, etteivät tulokset anna syytä muuttaa Tamiflun käytöstä annettuja suosituksia.
WHO:n mukaan tiedot eri puolilta maailmaa kertovat, että Tamiflun antaminen ajoissa lieventää influenssan oireita.
Järjestön mukaan lääke pitäisi kuitenkin varata taudin riskiryhmien käyttöön.
Tulosten taustalla on tutkijoiden huoli lääketutkimusten julkisuudesta ja lääkkeiden hyväksymisprosessista.
Vuonna 2005 tehdyssä Cochrane-katsauksessa Tamiflun tyyppisten lääkkeiden todettiin vähentävän influenssan komplikaatioita.
Katsauksessa oli tuolloin kuitenkin mukana lääkettä valmistavan lääkeyhtiö Rochen rahoittamia tutkimuksia, joiden lähdeaineisto ei ollut Cochrane-tutkijoiden käytettävissä.
Kun kahdeksan tällaista tutkimusta jätettiin uudesta katsauksesta pois, päätelmät muuttuivat.
"Uskomme nyt, että saatavilla on liian vähän todistusaineistoa Tamiflun vaikutuksesta influenssan komplikaatioihin", tutkimusta johtanut Tom Jefferson sanoi uutistoimisto Bloombergille.
"Käytössä on miljardien dollarien kansanterveysohjelmia, jotka perustuvat todistusaineistoon, jota ei ole julkisesti saatavilla."
British Medical Journalin pääkirjoitus arvosteli voimakkaasti Rochen tutkimuksia lääkkeen tehosta.
Tutkimusten tekijöistä on pääkirjoituksen mukaan ollut epäselvyyttä, ja ainakin yhdessä tapauksessa tutkimuspapereissa olisi mainittu tutkija, joka kiisti BMJ:lle olleensa mukana tutkimuksessa.
Lääkeyhtiö Roche kiisti tiistaina tutkimustulokset kansainvälisille uutistoimistoille.
British Medical Journalin mukaan yhtiö on luvannut julkistaa ainakin osan tutkimusten tiedoista sen jälkeen, kun tutkijat ja toimittajat kysyivät niitä.
Rochen pandemiatoiminnasta vastaava johtaja David Reddy sanoi uutistoimisto Reutersille, että tutkijoiden olisi pitänyt ottaa tutkimukseen mukaan lääkeyhtiön rahoittamat tutkimukset.
"Seisomme tutkimustietojemme takana, etenkin Tamiflun tehon ja kliinisten tutkimustemme tutkimusmenetelmien ja julkaisuprosessin osalta."
Here is an article from Helsingin Sanomat: it says that there is no proof that Tamiflu has any effect to flus or complications as 8 (eight) series of testresults were left out from the conclusions. The eight that were left out were Roche´s.
But you can read more about it from BMJ, British Medical Journal.

What I find extremely interesting is this: there´s now many a state gotten into deep debts because they´ve bought a useless product in the name of national health and wellbeing, a product marketed with tampered testresults. And this is just One product. How many more there is, god knows!
And we are told to trust authorities like THL (finnish Health- and Wellbeing Department), STM (finnish Social- and Helath Ministry), FIMEA, ETENE etc and the information they´re giving! When they clearly do not know what is in the vaccines. How could they, with tampered testresults?
And doctors, general practitioners in Public Health obeying like lambs but not knowing either what the stuff they´re injecting to people actually consists of.

yksilö (nimimerkki)

Hei kaikki

Saattaisi olla hyvä, jos kävisitte lukemassa Eeva blogista, mitä suurisuuntaisia
uhoiluja lerk siellä viestissä 20 oikein kirjoittelee Riikan ja Mirjaleenan ansiokkaista rokotetutkimuksista.

Olen joutunut jonkun omituisen ”lohkon” kouriin, apua tarvitaan.

Käyttäjän riikkasoyring kuva
Riikka Söyring

kommenttini Eeva Vaseniuksen blogiin:
"Riikka Söyring kommentoi:
9.12.2009 15.10
Hei vaan kaikki,
HS:n artikkeli tältä päivältä…hetalinkki

linkissä artikkeli, jossa kerrotaan että Rochen tutkijat olivat jättäneet tutkimustuloksia pois loppupäätelmistä ja salailleet muutenkin tietoa Cochrane-instituutin tutkijoilta joten Tamiflun tehosta taikka turvallisuudesta ei siis voi sanoa mitään varmaa.
Artikkeli perustuu British Medical Journalin artikkeliin.

Meillä on siis lääke/lääkkeitä, velkarahalla kansanterveyden nimissä ostettu, jonka/joiden tehosta ei voi sanoa mitään varmaa.
Velka täytyy kuitenkin maksaa. Verorahoista, ystäväni. Tai ottamalla lisää valtionvelkaa.

Kun ottaa googlehaulla GlaxoSmithKline (tai itse asiassa minkä tahansa lääkeyhtiön nimellä) + accused of enter saa valtavan määrän artikkeleita, joissa kerrotaan testitulosten väärentelystä, tutkijoiden painostamisesta sun muusta.

Eli tosiasiassa FIMEA, ETENE ja muut päättävät elimet tekevät päätöksiään lääketurvallisuudesta väärennettyihinkin testituloksiin perustuen.

rauhoitu jo. En ole missään puhunut ufoista taikka kuhnekylvyistä. Olen koko ajan pyrkinyt -sinullekin- painottamaan että kyse ei ole pelkästään rokotteesta vaan jääviysongelmista, salailusta ja läpinäkyvyyden puutteesta. Demokratian totetumisesta.
Nämä asiat eivät mene pois vaikka nimittäisit minua miksi hyvänsä.

Olen pahoillani siitä, että olen nostanut sinussa esiin epämiellyttäviä tuntemuksia mutta etkö voisi myöntää -minullekin- oikeutta esittää mielipiteitäni kun kerran perustelen ne.

Ja vielä, EMEAn(kin) toimintaa rahoittavat lääkeyhtiöt. Samoin kuin WHO:n."

nemo (nimimerkki)

Riikka hei, Eeva Vasenius on poistanut bloginsa jossa hän oli joutunut omituisen lohkon (tarkoittiko se kumminkin lahkon?) uhriksi. Siis teidän, nnin mä sen ainakin ymmärsin.

Minusta vastakommentit siellä oli ihan asiallisia paitsi klerkin.

Käyttäjän riikkasoyring kuva
Riikka Söyring

huomasin. Minusta se on sääli, sillä keskustelusta siellä olisi ehkä voinut kehkeytyä jotain.

Tässä linkki, jossa linkkejä WHO:n jutuista, englanniksi tosin
Here´s a link containing more links about WHO, in english

ark-angeli (nimimerkki)

Gardasil-rokotteesta joka sis. polysorabate80:aa suomeksi. Tätä HPV-piikkiä halutaan antaa pojillekin. Kohdunkaulasyöpää vastaan.

dib (nimimerkki)
Käyttäjän grohn kuva
Lauri Gröhn

Ydestä käytetystä asiantuntijasta: ”tri” Mercola on suuri valehtelija:

joseph mercola is indeed a “doctor,” an osteopath to be precise.
that means he holds a professional doctorate, a DO. he is NOT an MD, did NOT graduate from a conventional medical school, and is NOT Board Accredited/Certified in any medical speciality

He is selling health-care products and services, and is calling upon an unfortunate tradition made famous by the old-time snake oil salesmen of the 1800s (wiki)

Riikka Söyring (nimimerkki)

tiedossa on Mercola. Mutta ei hänkään kaikkea hatustaan vedä.

"Afghanistan first to use new vaccine against polio
15 December -- Using a new vaccine for the first time, a sub-national
polio immunization campaign will take place from 15-17 December in
Afghanistan. About 2.8 million children under five in the Southern,
South-Eastern and Eastern Regions of Afghanistan will receive the vaccine."
who:n omaa materiaalia

Siksikö sinne piti Obaman lähettää lisää joukkoja, pakkorokotuksiin ja vahtimaan kaasuputken paikkaa?

Käyttäjän grohn kuva
Lauri Gröhn

"Afghanistan is one of only 10 countries in the world that reported cases of wild poliovirus in 2001. Since the global polio eradication initiative began in 1988, the number of countries with new polio cases has decreased from 125 to 10."

Riikka Söyring (nimimerkki)

Eläviä polioviruksia sisältävää rokotetta (OPV) tarvitaan polion hävittämiseen
– mutta tämä voi onnistua vasta kun OPV:n käyttö on lopetettu!

OPV:n sisältämät virukset voivat alkaa kiertää väestössä ja muuntua sekä tautia aiheuttaviksi että immunogisilta ominaisuuksiltaan poikkeaviksi. Alun perin rokotteesta peräisin olevia polioviruksia on löytynyt Euroopankin maista sekä jätevesistä että terveistä ihmisistä. Rokotusten antama suoja ei välttämättä tehoa näihin viruksiin. Polioon sairastuminen on siksi mahdollista Suomessakin kattavista rokotuksista huolimatta. Kansanterveyslaitos kannustaa ottamaan aina polionäytteet halvausoireisista potilaista ja aseptistä meningiittiä epäiltäessä.

Maailman terveysjärjestön (WHO) johtama polionhävitysohjelma on perustunut erityisesti Albert Sabinin kehittämään oraalisen poliorokotteen laajamittaiseen käyttöön. Hävitysohjelman ansiosta villi poliovirus ja sen aiheuttama luonnonmukaiseen tartuntaan perustuva halvausoireinen tauti on jo hävinnyt useimmista maista ja maanosista. Tautia esiintyy endeemisenä Intiassa, Pakistanissa, Afganistanissa ja Nigeriassa (1). Näiden lisäksi poliota on esiintynyt kuluneen vuoden aikana viidessä Afrikan maassa ja Myanmarissa.

Syyt siihen, miksi polion hävittäminen näistä maista on ollut erityisen vaikeaa ja hidasta ovat erilaisia eri maissa vaihdellen väestön poliorokotteeseen kohdistuvasta epäluulosta ja poliittisista levottomuuksista aina korkeaan syntyvyyteen ja huonoihin asumisoloihin. Eradikaatiotavoitteeseen pääsyä on yritetty tehostaa käyttämällä ongelma-alueilla entistä enemmän monovalenttisia tyypin 1 ja 3 rokotteita, mutta siitä huolimatta polion hävittäminen kestää vielä kauan.
Rokotteesta peräisin olevat virukset aiheuttavat epidemioita

Villin polioviruksen vähitellen hävitessä ovat uudeksi uhkakuvaksi nousemassa elävästä poliorokotteesta peräisin olevat, pitkään väestössä kiertäneet rokotevirukset (VDPV) (2). Ne ovat aiheuttaneet vakavia halvausoireisia polioepidemioita useissa maissa, kuten Egypti, Haiti, Dominikaaninen tasavalta, Filippiinit, Madagaskar, Kiina, Indonesia ja Nigeria, joista kyseisen serotyypin villi poliovirus on jo hävinnyt ja rokotuskattavuus alkanut laskea. Vaaralliseksi luonnehdittuja VDPV-kantoja on myös eristetty useiden muiden maiden jätevesistä ja terveistä ihmisistä.

Vaikka Suomessa käytetään tapettuja polioviruksia sisältävää EIPV-rokotetta, emme mekään ole turvassa VDPV-kannoilta, sillä viime vuosien aikana niitä on löytynyt myös Euroopan maiden jätevesistä (Viro, Slovakia, Tsekin tasavalta). Esimerkiksi syksyllä 2002 Tallinnan jätevedestä löydetty rokoteperäinen tyypin 3 VDPV-kanta oli ominaisuuksiltaan niin poikkeava, että rokotetuilla ihmisillä sekä Virossa että Suomessa oli vain vähän siltä suojaavia vasta-aineita. Miten kyseinen VDPV-kanta oli Tallinnan jätevesiin joutunut, jäi selvittämättä.
Kehitysmaiden vaikea luopua elävästä poliorokotteesta suomi/ktlehti2007/nro10/kuvitus08.jpg

Polio häviää maailmasta lopullisesti vasta elävän poliovirusrokotteen, OPV:n, käytön lopettamisen jälkeen. Koska OPV-virusten hävittäminen maailmasta saattaa olla yhtä hidasta kuin villin viruksen hävittäminenkin on ollut, on selvää, että lopulliseen polioeradikaatioon on vielä pitkä aika. Lisäksi näyttää ilmeiseltä, että maailma ei voi luopua OPV-rokotuksista ilman kattavien EIPV-rokotusten aloittamista. Sitä ennen on kuitenkin selvitettävä tehoavatko EIPV-rokotukset trooppisissa, suuren väestötiheyden kehitysmaissa. Lisäksi näiden maiden on parannettava perusterveydenhuoltojärjestelmäänsä riittävän rokotuskattavuuden saavuttamiseksi. Näin ollen poliorokotuksia ja tehostettua poliovalvontaa tarvitaan joka puolella maailmaa vielä pitkään.
Valppautta tartuntojen torjuntaan tarvitaan myös Suomessa

Kattavista rokotuksista huolimatta yksittäiset poliotapaukset ovat mahdollisia Suomessakin. Tästä syystä äkillisesti halvausoireiseen tautiin sairastuneesta potilaasta olisi tärkeää ottaa ulostenäyte poliovirusviljelyä varten kahtena perättäisenä päivänä polion toteamiseksi tai poissulkemiseksi. Näyte tulee ottaa mahdollisimman pian sairastumisen jälkeen. Näytteet tutkitaan ilmaiseksi Kansanterveyslaitoksen enteroviruslaboratoriossa (s-posti: Poliovalvonnan tehostamiseksi on Suomessa aloitettu ns. meningiittivalvonta. Käytännössä kaikista niistä potilaista, joiden jokin näyte antaa positiivisen enterovirus-PCR-tuloksen, pitäisi ottaa kaksi ulostenäytettä mahdollisimman pian positiivisen PCR-löydöksen jälkeen ja lähettää ne Kansanterveyslaitoksen enteroviruslaboratorioon tutkittaviksi.

Merja Roivainen, laboratorionjohtaja
KTL, Enteroviruslaboratorio

Tapani Hovi, tutkimusprofessori
KTL, Virustautien ja Immunologian osasto

1. WHO:n verkkosivu:
2. CDC. Update on vaccine-derived polioviruses--worldwide, January 2006-August 2007. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2007;56:996–1001.

Viisikymmentä vuotta sitten otettiin Suomessa – ja monessa muussa maassa – laajaan käyttöön Jonas Salkin kehittämä inaktivoituja polioviruksia sisältävä IPV-poliorokote. Nykyinen poliorokote (ns. EIPV) sisältää Salkin aikanaan keksimään rokotteeseen verrattuna enemmän viruspartikkeleita riittävän vasta-ainetehon varmistamiseksi. Suomessa EIPV-rokote otettiin käyttöön viimeisen, vuosina 1984–1985 esiintyneen polioepidemian jälkeen. Vähän Salkin rokotteen jälkeen kehitettiin Albert Sabinin johdolla eläviä, heikennettyjä polioviruksia sisältävä, suun kautta annosteltava ns. oraalisen poliorokote (OPV), jonka valmistaminen on halvempaa, käyttö helpompaa ja teho epidemioiden pysäyttämisessä parempi.

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Riikka Söyring (nimimerkki)

Rokotus- ja lääkefirmauskovaisten kannattaisi kuunnella, mitä koko rokotusbisneksen ehkä kehutuin ja eniten antanut henkilö Maurice Hilleman itse on myöntänyt haastatteluissa mm. polio-rokotuksista:

Hän työskenteli mm. Merckillä.

Lääkefirmat tiesivät polio-viruksen aiheuttavan syöpää, mutta salasivat sen.

Näillä isoilla firmoilla - lääkefirmoilla ja mm. Monsantolla on jo paljon paljastettuja rikoksia. He ovat tienneet monien asioiden tappavan ja aiheuttavan karmeita sairauksia, mutta ovat peitelleet asioita ja laatineet "tutkimuksia" joihin on valittu vain ne tulokset, jotka esittävät asian kauniissa valossa.

Ja nämä tulokset ja propaganda ajetaan organisaatioiden kuten WHO:n läpi ja tuputetaan Suomeenkin sinivalkoisena virallisena totuutena. Rakkaat rokottajamme, parhaalla asialla.

Näin on tehty koko konitohtori-teollisuuden historian ajan.

Nämä raha- ym. kytkökset viranomaisten kanssa ovat tuttua kauraa USA:sta ja tämä suhmurointi tuntuu tulevan jälkijunassa Suomeenkin.

Epäilemättä on ollut kytköksiä ennenkin mutta röyhkeys lisääntyy.

Jotkut aina asia-argumenttien puutteessa koittavat ampua alas viestintuojia.

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Riikka Söyring (nimimerkki)

Minun 2 centtiäni poliokeskusteluun.

Vaccine scandal revives cancer fears, vaccines contaminated with a monkey virus linked to cancer.

AIDS Origin Theory: Polio Vaccine?

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